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This page lists the available information on upcoming releases of LemonTree.Connect Polarion.

Releases are subject to change

Please note that due to pressing user issues or other occurrences, release dates and planned features are subject to change at any time.

LemonTree.Connect Polarion 1.3.0

Planned Release Date

Q2 2023


Category Description
Import from LiveDocs Add support for LiveDocs during import to control the scope of work items that are imported
Ignore headings during import Heading shall be ignored during import (to avoid having extensive package structures in EA)

LemonTree.Connect Polarion 1.4.0

Planned Release Date

Q3 2023


Category Description
Baseline Import Import Baselines from Polarion
Mapping Configuration Filter data that is imported / exported
Mapping Configuration Add support for specialized atttributes of embedded EA elements like ActivityParameters, ActionPins and Ports

Features expected for the future

The following list contains ideas, visions an proposed features which will be added in future versions, but are at the moment not planned for any concrete upcoming release.
New features are added and planed based on how many users are requesting features and in case of bugs how severe they are.

If you don't find a feature in this list, if you have a new feature request or if you think a listed feature should be included in an upcoming release feel free to contact us at


Category Description
LemonTree.Connect Polarion Automation CLI version to use the Polarion integration in a build pipeline context
Preview of import / export with LemonTree The diff features of LemonTree will be integrated to visualize differences between the EA model and Polarion