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Suspected Elements in Enterprise Architect

If you link elements in Enterprise Architect to elements that have been imported from Polarion, LemonTree.Connect will mark the links as suspected if you update the imported elements from Polarion.

For example: The SysML Block ECU is linked with a Realization connector to the requirement High torque detection. In Polarion, the requirement was changed and the updated was imported with LemonTree.Connect. The result of the update is the suspected flag on the Realization connector between ECU and High torque detection. suspectedLink

Suspected flags will not be removed unless a user decides to resolve the suspected links.

Resolve suspected flags

In order to resolve links that are marked as suspected, there are two ways:

  1. Using the addin menu "Remove suspected flag from links". resolveSuspectedLinksOnDiagram
  2. Manually unassign the suspected stereotype from the connectors. removeSuspectedManually.png

Using the addin menu "Remove suspected flag from links" is possible on

  • package level
  • element level
  • diagram level

This will go through the connections found in the current context and remove the stereotype. resultRemovedSuspectedFlag