Import from Polarion

To import from a Polarion Project simply right-click an EA package in the Project Browser (not a model root) and select Specialize > LemonTree.Connect Polarion > Import from Polarion.

Import from Polarion

If you start an import for the first time on a package, a small configuration dialog will appear. In this dialog, select from which project and which tracker you want to import. If the settings are filled in, start the import.

Import SystemsReqs

After the import was finished, a success message has to be confirmed in order to trigger a reload of the EA project. After the reload you will be able to see the changes done to the EA project file.

If you want to import an update simply start another import on the same package (or on of its contained packages). This will automatically import from the same tracker without the need to configure the settings again. You will also see the "Export to Polarion" menu being disabled, which is the restriction of the workflow mentioned in Supported Workflow.