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Release 1.1.x

Release Dates

  • LemonTree.Connect Polarion version 1.1.0 was released on┬áMarch 14th, 2023

What's New

Summary Description Version
Support of hierarchy LemonTree.Connect is now capable of importing requirements with hierarchy ("parent of" links) and also exporting EA structure with hierarchy using the "parent of" link role. 1.1.0
Removing of suspected Links A menu was introduced to remove all suspected flags from connectors 1.1.0
Suspected Links If a requirement linked to an architectural element is updated during a Polarion import, the connector is marked with a "suspected" stereotype 1.1.0
Renaming The Polarion Connector is now called "LemonTree.Connect Polarion" 1.1.0

Fixed Issues

Summary Description Version
Support of Polarion 22R1 and 22R2 LemonTree.Connect is now compatible with Polarion 22R1 and 22R2. 1.1.0
Fixed paging There was an issue with importing from Polarion project that contain more than 10.000 elements. 1.1.0

Known issues

Summary Description Version
Navigating from Polarion to EA elements A hyperlink is already created during export, however the application to handle the ea hyperlink has to be integrated into LemonTree.Connect. This is planned for a future version 1.x.0
Automation edition A CLI version of LemonTree.Connect Polarion is not available yet. We are working on introducing this. 1.x.0