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Export of Traceability Links between Polarion Requirements and EA Elements

If existing and mapped, any type of link (=EA connector) is exported from EA to Polarion. When exporting elements to Polarion, only outgoing connectors are considered during the export. The connector will be created as Work Item Link Role in the Polarion project at the source element coming from EA. The typical use case is to import a requirement from Polarion to EA, link an architectural element (like a SysML Block) to the imported requirement (Source = Block, Target = Requirement) and export the block to Polarion.

Traceability View

Exporting the blocks that were created in EA along with the Realization connector, will result in the following in Polarion:

Linked Work Items

In order to configure the mapping of connectors, check out Mapping EA Connectors to Work Item Link Roles.