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Release 1.3.x

Release Dates

  • LemonTree.Connect Polarion version 1.3.0 was released on┬áJune 29th, 2023

What's New

Summary Description Version
Support Import of Documents Work Items can now be imported either from the project or from a specific space and document.
See Import from Polarion for more details.
Placeholder Handling If you import elements with references to non-imported elements, Placeholders are created now.
See Placeholders for references to non-imported elements for more details.
Display Change Impact Before importing or exporting you can now see the impact of the operation (count of new, changed and deleted elements/diagrams). 1.3.0
Addin Windows are modal Dialogs now All Addin related windows are now shown as modal dialogs, except for the dialog listing elements to be deleted from the EA model (menu Specialize > LemonTree.Connect Polarion > Deleted Elements > Delete Elements from EA Project). 1.3.0
Latest Version Check If a newer version of LemonTree.Connect is available, an additional menu entry will be shown, indicating the new update. 1.3.0
Mapping multiple EA Types to a single Polarion Work Item Type It is now possible to map multiple EA Element Types to a single Polarion Work Item Type. For this to work, all Polarion projects used for export have to include a custom field called my_uml_type.
See Steps for manually configuring a Polarion Project for export.

Fixed Issues

Summary Description Version
Import: Headings had to be mapped Heading can be optionally mapped to import them to EA. If they are not mapped, they are skipped and the work items are imported directly. 1.3.0
Suspected Links are set between Polarion Elements If imported elements were updated and had links between each other, those links were incorrectly flagged as suspected. 1.3.0
Classifier/Type not exported The classifier / type property of elements was not exported correctly.
See Mapping Configuration for more details.
Deleted Links are set on connectors to manually created items During import, elements not coming from EA were incorrectly marked as deleted. 1.3.0
Type specific custom fields are not working Custom fields can now be added for individual work item types. 1.3.0
Exception when removing items via "Delete Elements from EA Project" In some cases, there was an exception when deleting elements from the EA project, which have been marked with the <<deleted>> stereotype. 1.3.0
Importing from Projects with large number of Elements If a Polarion Project contains multiple thousand elements, the reading of the project caused issues. Handling these project is now more stable, however a special configuration on the Polarion side might be needed.
See Configure the Polarion Server for Projects with a large number of elements for more details.

Known issues

Summary Description Version
Navigating from Polarion to EA elements A hyperlink is already created during export, however the application to handle the ea hyperlink has to be integrated into LemonTree.Connect. This is planned for a future version 1.x.0
Automation edition A CLI version of LemonTree.Connect Polarion is not available yet. We are working on introducing this. 1.x.0