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Current Version

Release Dates

  • LemonTree.Connect Polarion version 1.5.1 was released on March 18th, 2024
  • LemonTree.Connect Polarion version 1.5.0 was released on February 20th, 2024

What's New

Summary Description Version
Support of Polarion 2310 Version 1.5.0 of LemonTree.Connect Polarion officially supports Polarion version 2310. 1.5.0
Login with personal access token Connecting to a Polarion server is now supported using a personal access token.
See Credentials for the Polarion Server for more details.
API Log In case of enabling the option "Extended logging", a more detailed log including API calls and their results is now created.
See FAQs: Logging of LemonTree.Connect for more details.
Diagram Image Extension configurable The file type for images of diagrams that are created during exports can now be configured. Default is PNG, BPM and JPG is also supported.
Please refer to "DiagramImageFileExtension" in the documentation of the EA Addin Configuration for details
Export Links to Diagrams Visualizing Elements It is now possible to create a link role between an EA element and the diagrams visualizing this element during export to Polarion.
See Export Links to Diagrams Visualizing Elements for more details.
New Polarion Project Template An updated Polarion Project template for version 2310 is now available (LemonTree.Connect project template). A link role "visibleOn" was added for the feature Export Links to Diagrams Visualizing Elements 1.5.0

Fixed Issues

Summary Description Version
Paginated Import of Documents failed Fixed a bug where on import of very large document the pagination was not working correctly. 1.5.1
Package name empty after document import Version 1.5.0 introduced a bug where the import of a document caused the EA package name to be removed. Package name now will reflect the name of the document again. 1.5.1
Classifier not exported A problem with exporting the classifier property is fixed. 1.5.1
Nested diagrams not exported Diagrams of nested elements were not exported to Polarion. 1.5.1
Certain EA properties not exported Certain EA properties like UpperBound, LowerBound, DefaultValue, etc. were not exported properly. 1.5.1
Import with increased page size fails If you import a large number of elements and increase the page size in the EA addin configuration, this could lead to the import failing. 1.5.1
Crash on selecting a space If a space was selected during an import, EA crashed in some cases. 1.5.0
Missing projects on import During import in the project selection dialog, not all Polarion projects were listed. 1.5.0
No documents listed for spaces Due to a bug in the Polarion API of version 2310, no documents were listed for a selected space. 1.5.0
Reported changes for empty EA tags During export to Polarion, empty tagged values that are mapped have caused continuously reported changes. 1.5.0
EA date properties exported in UTC time EA date time properties (like modified and created date) were written to Polarion in UTC time. This is now fixed and date times will be written in the corresponding time zone. 1.5.0
Failing export due to fields with equal names There was a problem if Polarion project (templates) included multiple fields with the same name. 1.5.0
Enum Tagged Values from profiles are not created properly If an import from Polarion created a stereotype element including tagged values with value options (enums), the enum was not properly set. 1.5.0
Instability with large EAP(x) models There was a problem with long running write operations into large EAP(x) files. 1.5.0

Known issues

Summary Description Version
Deletion of a source element of a link role not detected If you delete the source item of a link role in Polarion, you will get a reference to a "dead" work item. This dead item is still imported to EA and is not being detected as deleted. 1.5.1
Classifier (Type) of Objects not exported Classifiers of Objects (InstanceSpecifications) are currently not exported.
Fixed with 1.5.1.
Too many documents listed Due to a bug in the Polarion API, LemonTree.Connect may list documents for import, which the current user does usually not see because of permissions. 1.5.0
Exporting to custom enum fields Mapping an EA attribute or tagged value to a Polarion custom enum field does currently not work, if the ID of the enum and the ID of the custom field is called differently. If you name both the same way, export to the custom enum field will work. 1.x.0
Navigating from Polarion to EA elements A hyperlink is already created during export, however the application to handle the ea hyperlink has to be integrated into LemonTree.Connect. This is planned for a future version 1.x.0
Automation edition A CLI version of LemonTree.Connect Polarion is not available yet. We are working on this. 1.x.0