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Uml Debugger Connection

  1. Check if the Visual Studio extension is installed and enabled:
    • Check if the following file is present in the UmlDebugger installation path: LL.MDE.Apps.UmlDebugger.UmlDebuggerVsExtension.vsix (default installation path: C:\Program Files (x86)\LieberLieber\EmbeddedEngineer[version]\UMLDebugger)
    • If the vsix file is missing restart the Embedded Engineer setup and add the Visual Studio Debugger feature:
      • Start msi file
      • Select "Change"
      • Check that the following feature is enabled: UmlDebugger Debugger Access Plugins Visual Studio Debugger
    • Make sure the LL.MDE.Apps.UmlDebugger.UmlDebuggerVsExtension.vsix is installed and enabled for your Visual Studio
      • Open Visual Studio
      • Goto Menu: Tools Extensions and Updates... Installed
      • if the extension LieberLieber UmlDebugger Extension is missing execute the LL.MDE.Apps.UmlDebugger.UmlDebuggerVsExtension.vsix file.
      • if the extension LieberLieber UmlDebugger Extension is disabled enable it. VS Extension
  2. Check if Visual Studio and UmlDebugger run in the same user context: Look at the title bar of your Visual Studio instances if the title looks like ..... - Microsoft Visual Studio (Adminstrator) you need to start the UmlDebugger with the option "run as adminstrator" VS Admin