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Release 3.3.0

What's new

General See
Added support to embed Structs and Unions into each other.
Added feature to allow Preprocessor Directives "flagging" of Usage links. Preprocessor Directives
Added Preprocessor Directives support for Interfaces, Enum, Structs and Unions. Preprocessor Directives
Added OpaqueExpression support for InputPin "Default Value".
Added support for ReadStructuralFeature and ReadSelf Action Read Structural Feature, Read Self
Updated Activity action sequence to infer ControlFlow from given ObjectFlows Control Flow
Ignoring empty Code Generators to improve performance
MagicDraw model reading component to improve perfromance.
Bug fixes
Fixed MagicDraw State behavior Naming (mismatching names of functions).
Fixed MagicDraw ActionNode Input/ValuePin mixup for Call/BehaviorAction targets.
Fixed MagicDraw UML Profile regarding missing and wrongly named Stereotypes and Tagged Values
Fixed MagicDraw progress dialog "No Warnings/Errors" statement.