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LemonTree with GitHub

General information

LemonTree is only installed on the GIT client and only needs to be configured there.

It is irrelevant which Git server (i.e. Github, BitBucket, DevOps, GitLab, etc.) is used, the decisive factor is the VCS client.

That's why LemonTree is so versatile because there is no dependency on a server, but only one VCS client has to be configured with LemonTree.

  1. Server part: Either you get access or you create your own GitHub repository
  2. Configure LFS

    For example, to associate a .eapx file, enter the following command:

    $ git lfs track "*.eapx"
    > Adding path *.eapx
  3. Install GitClient: either install SmartGit or TortoiseGit. SmartGit Integration (Version 2.6.1 or newer) or TortoiseGit Integration (Version 2.6.1 or newer)

  4. Install LemonTree (GitClients like TortoiseGit and SmartGit are detected automatically) (

  5. Clone the repository with TortoiseGit and add an EA project

Link to setup other VCS Clients: VCS Integration (Version 2.6.1 or newer)