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Change Types

Locate the Change Type

A Change Type represents the type of change operation which was determined in the diff. There are two possible locations, where the change type is visualized:

  1. *Impacted Elements / Diagrams List
    Impacted Elements

    * 2. Tree Browser (as tool tip)*
    Tree Browser


List of Possible Change Types

Change Type Description
Modified The element properties or tagged values have been changed
Moved The element has a new owner
New The element is new in the model (the element in the other branch is marked as Doesn't exist)
Removed The element has been deleted from the model
Unmodified There have been no direct modifications at the properties of the element, for example:
1. There are just graphical changes (which can be seen at the Diagram Representations)
2. The element is needed for displaying (structuring in Impacted Elements / Impacted Diagrams List)
Child Modified At least one child element of the element has been changed and the element itself was not directly changed