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Resolving Inconsistencies in the Base Model

You might encounter a scenario where you want to perform a three-way-merge in which the base model contains inconsistencies.

While inconsistencies in the base model can be resolved the same way as in other models, doing so might require additional steps if your models are held under source control. In this case, you might not have the possibility to correct the base version of the file.

Resolving Inconsistencies in the Base Model

Performing a merge with an "inconsistency-free" base model requires extra steps

To use LemonTree in this scenario, follow these steps:

  • Extract all three versions of the model from the version control system into a directory
  • Correct the inconsistencies in the Base Model (as well as in the other two models if necessary)
  • Perform the merge with LemonTree manually, by selecting the three files in the directory
  • Copy the result of the merge into your source control directory

Please note that this process must be completed forĀ every merge that uses the base containing the inconsistencies. As such, the only way to permanently resolve the problem is to change the branch setup so that the base version doesn't have the inconsistencies.