The LemonTree modeltransfer function is not the same as the function provided by Enterprise Architect. Therefore, we do not guarantee to cover all special cases, but we are improving with each version. Please check your results. We recommend that you always use the latest version!


LemonTree.Automation.exe transfer --source={sourcePath} --target={targetPath}
Argument Description Required
--source The source 'Model' to be copied. Yes
--target The target 'Model' into which the source 'Model' is copied to. Model has to exist and will be overwritten. Yes
--license Path to a folder or file with a license.
--verbosity Sets the verbosity level of the logging.

Powershell Example:

This transform a file "model.eap" into SQLite format targeting file "model.qeax"

LemonTree.Automation.exe --source=model.eap --target=model.qeax"
echo Exitcode $LASTEXITCODE