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Release 2.4.x


LemonTree 2.4.0 was released on October 22, 2019.

LemonTree 2.4.1 was released on November 11, 2019.

LemonTree 2.4 requires the .NET Framework 4.7.2.

What's New

(grüner Stern) New Feature      (Stern) Non-Critical Bugfix      (roter Stern) Critical Bugfix

Issue Description Version
(Stern) LemonTree found changes in Sequence Diagrams where it should not. Messages on Sequence Diagrams were shown as different in some cases without actual user changes. These messages are now correctly detected as equal. 2.4.1
(Stern) Diagram generation failed The Diagram Viewer could not visualize Diagrams containing suppressed labels. That is now fixed. 2.4.1
(Stern) Rendering of diagrams incomplete The Diagram Viewer was visualizing some Diagrams incompletely. This is also fixed. 2.4.1
(Stern) Call Behavior actions visualization The Diagram Viewer now also shows the behavior classifier of Call Behavior Actions. 2.4.1
(grüner Stern) Stereotype handling LemonTree changed the way it treats stereotypes. Stereotypes that have in earlier versions been "new" and "removed" because of different calculated GUIDs are now treated as equal since LemonTree 2.4 calculates the primary UID differently. 2.4.0
(grüner Stern) Better handling of stereotype inconsistencies Special constellations of stereotypes are now listed as inconsistencies in LemonTree. Especially older versions of EA (prior to EA 13) introduced some inconsistencies. When changing to a new EA you maybe noticed it because EA did not longer visualize ShapeScripts correctly. For more details, please visit this page: Resolving Inconsistencies (specifically the section on Resolving Stereotype Inconsistencies) 2.4.0
(grüner Stern) Classifier and Stereotypes of Events Classifier and Stereotypes of events are now correctly visualized in the Diagram Viewer. Also diffing/merging of them has improved. Note: Classifiers are now visible as Tagged Value in the Property Viewer. 2.4.0
(grüner Stern) TaggedValueMap For associating stereotypes of profiles correctly to their profiles LemonTree needs a TaggedValueMap. This is part of the standard LemonTree product. If you have special profiles and an extended map this must not replace the default map but copied to %Appdata%\LieberLieber\LemonTree next to Configuration.xml. Detailed description will follow... 2.4.0
(grüner Stern) Message when take over is refused In some cases the "Take over" buttons in LemonTree don't do what they are pretending to because of references in the model. When taking over an element would lead to an inconsistent model LemonTree refuses to do so (also in older versions). In 2.4 LemonTree shows a message when doing so. 2.4.0
(grüner Stern) Finding conflicts in LemonTree We made the finding of conflicts easier. For example we now also show the "!" icon (but smaller) on a grouping element when a child is conflicted. 2.4.0
(Stern) Parameter multiplicity of interactions Parameter multiplicity of interactions are now diffed and merged. 2.4.0
(Stern) Licensing dialog Fixed some minor issues (like wrong update of the window title) connected with licensing handling. 2.4.0
(Stern) Part associations Part Associations were shown, although the associated blocks were on top of each other.  2.4.0
(Stern) Fixed LemonTree EULA version number In LemonTree 2.3 we had an old LemonTree version number in the EULA. This is now fixed. 2.4.0

Known issues

  • N-ary associations with navigability are not supported properly.

  • When using n-ary associations with custom style and a path, the path gets lost on writing.

Not supported EA features

LT doesn't diff these features:

  • Project Tasks/Issues (Can be found in Ribbon "Construct" → "Project" → "Status" → "Project Status (Tasks & Issues)"
  • EA Security: Configure → Security
  • Scripts