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Cloud Licensing

Starting with LemonTree 3.1.3, we can host your floating licenses for you on a cloud licensing server ran by Reprise ( , the provider of the licensing component of LemonTree.

This may be helpful for you if you cannot or do not want to host your own internal floating server.

Acquiring a Cloud License

Cloud license are available via

Applying a Cloud License

Currently, there is no way to enter the cloud server information via the UI similar to "regular" floating servers.

Instead, please install the provided license via the file or plaintext options in the license dialog.


LemonTree communicates with the cloud licensing server via https on port 443. There is no need to open any ports in a firewall.


LemonTree uses cURL to contact the cloud licensing server.

Please refer to the cURL documentation ( to set up the necessary environment variables for your system.


When using cloud-hosted floating licenses, it is currently not possible to use roaming licenses.