LemonTree Components

Are defined in LemonTree Desktop learn more here: Components [LemonTree 3.0]

Command for publishing selected components:

LemonTree.Automation.exe publish --model={modelPath} --componentguids={GUID} –-componentfile={mpmsPath} [--releasenotes={releaseNotes}] [--salt={saltValue}]

Command for publishing all configured components:

LemonTree.Automation.exe publish --model={modelPath} --all –-componentfile={mpmsPath} [--releasenotes={releaseNotes}] [--salt={saltValue}]
Argument Description Required
--model The source 'Model' used to publish the 'Component'. Yes
--ComponentGuids Specifies one or multiple PackageGuids from the 'Model' to be published. Have to be configured 'Components'. Yes
--all Specifies all configured 'Components' of the 'Model' to be published. Yes
--PackageDirectory The 'Package Directory' will be used to publish the 'Components'. Directory needs to exist. Yes
--ReleaseNotes The 'Release Notes' for the 'Components' to be published. The text needs to be inside " ". HTML tags supported.
--Salt The 'Salt' to be used to generate guids of 'Components' in published Variant.
--license Path to a folder or file with a license.
--verbosity Sets the verbosity level of the logging.

Powershell Example:

This publishes two configured(!) Packages with the GUIDs given from "model.eap" to the directory repo, creating or updating two LemonTree Components (.mpms). Release notes are set with "my notes".

#Powershell sees curly brackets as codeblocks so use quotations marks "{}" or just write your guids without them
LemonTree.Automation.exe publish --model model.eap
--packagedirectory .\repo --componentguids "{c2791d98-4982-d2dd-449c-271ac0dbf1c2}",f7b4a94e-422c-94ee-1d44-ed33655e8d8e --releasenotes "my notes"
echo Exitcode $LASTEXITCODE