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Measurement Methods

This page describes the measurement methods used to determine the results shown on the main "Performance and Memory" page.

Model Size

Number of Packages/Diagrams/Elements/Connectors

The given measurements for the total number of packages/diagrams/elements/connectors in a given model are based on the "Project Statistics" feature provided by Enterprise Architect.

To locate this feature, either refer to this page:

or search for "statistics" in the menu search field.

Number of Tagged Values

Unfortunately, Enterprise Architect has no built-in mechanism to determine the number of tagged values in a model.

Instead, the method we use is to run the following SQL query against the model:

select count(*) from t_attributetag UNION  
select count(*) from t_connectortag UNION  
select count(*) from t_operationtag UNION  
select count(*) from t_taggedvalue UNION  
select count(*) from t_objectproperties

To run a query against an Enterprise Architect model, open the SQL Scratch Pad by following these steps:

  • Go to "Start" - Search - Model
  • Click this button at the top-right of the new window:
    Button 1
  • Enter the query in the textbox
  • Click this button above the textbox:
    Button 2
  • The results are shown in a table below the textbox

The supplied query will yield a table with up to 5 values, depending on your data. Summing them up will give you the total number of tagged values in your model.

Runtime and Memory Consumption

Measurements of both runtime of memory consumption are based on measurements conducted by LemonTree itself. These measurement are conducted using standard functionality of the .Net Framework.

The results of these measurments are written to a separate performance log-file, which can be found here:


The data is built to be machine-readable, though, so it doesn't necessarily provide end-users with easy-to-read information at the moment.