Filtering Impacted Elements / Impacted Diagrams

For the general how to use LemonTree filtering please see: Filtering Impacted Elements / Impacted Diagrams

These filter settings are a collection of practical use cases.

Task: Find all states that have been moved to a different region

Solution: UmlType: State AND #Moved

Explanation: This will filter all states who have been moved. (also find states that were moved in general, f.e. from one package into another package)

Task: Find Connectors that have been linked to an element feature

Solution: Stereotype: elementfeature

Explanation: This is an EA-specific extension of UML, therefore stereotypes are used

Task: Find all connectors that have been “re-attached”

Solution: ChangeIn: "EA Specifics 1.0::End_Edge" OR ChangeIn: "EA Specifics 1.0:Start_Edge"

Explanation: This filter will find all connectors which already exist but have been re-attached, i.e. the source or target element of the connector has been changed.

Task: Ignore elements where only the version property has been changed

Solution: IGNORE ChangeIn: "EA Specifics 1.0::Version"

Explanation: Version is an EA-specific extension of UML. This property is internally stored as a tagged value. Therefore the full name of the property is called "EA Specifics 1.0::Version". This is also true for many other properties like Author, Language, Phase, Status, etc.

In the case of the Version property, the short name “Version” can be also used.

Task: Find all elements that are conflicted but have not been reviewed yet

Solution: #Conflicted AND NOT #Reviewed

Explanation: Useful to resolve conflicts clearly, with the checkmark review feature in LemonTree

Task: Find all graphical representations of connectors that have been modified (or show all graphical changes of connectors)

Solution: UmlType: ea_DiagramLink AND #Modified

Explanation: This query only works with Impact Diagrams filter.

Task: I would like to filter for diagrams that are new have been deleted, an element has been added, an element has been deleted and a connector on the diagram has been added or deleted.

Solution: (UmlType: ea_DiagramObject or UmlType: ea_Diagram or UmlType: ea_DiagramLink) and (#New or #Removed)

Explanation: This shows all diagrams that are new or deleted, have new model elements or model connectors, or those where an existing element was hidden. Purely graphical changes such as moving elements or hiding connectors are hidden.