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Minimum Detected Severity of Inconsistencies

Starting with LemonTree version 2.6.9, you can configure the minimum severity of inconsistencies you want LemonTree to show you.

How to Configure

Configuring this setting is currently only possible by modifying the "minimumReportedIntegrityViolationCategory" setting in the application configuration file.
The correct file to change depends on the edition of LemonTree you want to modify:

Edition Version Application Configuration File Name
Desktop 3.0.0 or newer ./LemonTree.dll.config
Desktop 2.6.10 or older ./LemonTree.exe.config
EA Addin 3.0.0 or newer ./EAAddin/Core/LemonTree.EAAddin.Backend.dll.config
EA Addin 2.6.10 or older ./LemonTree.EAAddin.Starter.exe.config
Web Any ./Web.Config
Automation Any ./LemonTree.Automation.exe.config

Possible Values

The possible values for the setting correspond to the detected minimum severity of inconsistencies.

In order of increasing severity, they are as follows:

  • Info
  • Warn
  • Error
  • Fatal