LemonTree Components

Are defined in LemonTree Desktop learn more here: Components [LemonTree 3.0]


LemonTree.Automation.exe import --model={modelPath} --components={componentPath} [–-abortonerror] [--asreadonly]
Argument Description Required
--model The target 'Model' into which the 'Components' are imported. Yes
--components List of 'Component' (*.mpms) files to be imported. Supports one or multiple files seperated by commas. Also supports wildcard * to select all 'Components' in a folder. Yes
--AbortOnError Abort import if it fails.
--AsReadOnly The imported packages will be read-only inside the model.
--license Path to a folder or file with a license.
--verbosity Sets the verbosity level of the logging.

Powershell Example: This imports two given LemonTree Components into "model.eap"

LemonTree.Automation.exe import --model model.eap --components first.mpms,second.mpms
echo Exitcode $LASTEXITCODE

This imports all LemonTree Components from directory "repo" into "model.eap"

LemonTree.Automation.exe import --model model.eap --components .\path\to\repo\*.mpms
echo Exitcode $LASTEXITCODE