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Resolving Inconsistencies via the Enterprise Architect Integrity Check

The Enterprise Architect Integrity Check is Enterprise Architect's internal mechanism to resolve inconsistencies that have accumulated within a model.

How to Run the Integrity Check

For instructions on how to run the Integrity Check in your particular version of Enterprise Architect, please refer to the official documentation:

As mentioned on the official help page, make sure to create a backup of your model, as the Integrity Check modifies the model itself!

Effects of the Integrity Check on the Inconsistencies shown by LemonTree

This resolves the largest chunk of known inconsistencies, but may not resolve all of them.

The reason for this difference is explained on this page: Difference between LemonTree Inconsistency Check and Enterprise Architect Integrity Check

This will also resolve the only currently known Fatal Inconsistency, which blocks LemonTree from using the model completely.
For more information, see this page: Fatal Inconsistencies