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EA Features not supported by LemonTree

This pages lists all elements/properties of elements supported by Enterprise Architect, but which are currently not supported by LemonTree, and the consequences thereof.


Element Notes
Project Tasks/Issues Can be found in Ribbon "Construct" → "Project" → "Status" → "Project Status (Tasks & Issues)
EA Security Configure → Security
Connectors of type "AssociationClass"
Subtype of n-ary associations (n>2)


As LemonTree does not recognize the changes in these elements/properties, this has the following consequences for a diff/merge:

  • Modifications and conflicts in these elements are not recognized, and therefore do not show up in the LemonTree UI
  • The merge result will contain these elements/properties exactly as they are in model A/Theirs.  This is because of the merge approach of LemonTree, which is to create a copy of the original "A" model and apply the necessary changes to this copy to create the merge result.