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Tagged Values

Diffing and Merging Tagged Values

In Enterprise Architect, a tagged value consists of the following components:

  • a (fully qualified) Name
  • a Value
  • a Note

These Tagged Values are shown in the property editor alongside the regular properties.

Both the Value and the Note can be edited during a merge with LemonTree.

By default, the Value is shown in the property editor:

However, with the toggle in the top, you can switch to and edit the notes for that particular tagged value:


Tagged Values and Profiles

In the Property Viewer, LemonTree lists different kinds of properties of elements in categories.

  • Element Properties: Properties of elements/connectors that are defined in UML. For example: Name, Stereotype, Alias, ...
  • EA Specifics 1.0: Additional properties that are not defined in UML but used in Enterprise Architect. For example: Author, Pos (in Tree Browser), StyleEx, ...
  • "<Profile Name>": Tagged Values from profiles: When using profiles it is possible to define TaggedValues. These TaggedValues are grouped to their profile and have their own category in the Properties Viewer. For example: isEncapsulated from the profile SysML 1.5::block
  • No Profile: Tagged Values which are not associated with a profile

Since it's not always possible for LemonTree to correctly identify the profile for a given TaggedValue in the model, we created a mapping file TaggedValueMap.txt which provides the mapping from the TaggedValues to their profiles. If you see the No Profile category in the Property Viewer where you expect the TaggedValue to be listed in a profile it's very likely that this map needs to be extended. In this case, please contact us directly.

Reading of Profiles

LemonTree reads the profiles that are stored in the model, as well as the ones which are stored in the EA MDG folder.

Custom Profiles

Since LemonTree 2.4 it is possible to have an additional TaggedValueMaps for own profiles. A standard TaggedValueMap is distributed via Setup.

They have to be located in the folder "%appdata% \LieberLieber\LemonTree\ and named TaggedValueMap*.txt