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Docker Configuration Details

To run LemonTree.Web in Docker just run:

docker run -it -d -p 80:80 -v $(pwd)/licenses:/app/licenses --name LemonTreeWeb lemontreeweb.3.0.1-alpha.36

The image exposes port 80. You can map that port with the -p argument.

For using a Host Directory for logging and licenses use the -v argument:

  • /app/licenses for the license file

  • /app/logs for the log files (by default no log files are created, but logged to standard out)

  • $(pwd) points to the current directory

Configuring MMS

MMS can be configured with the following environment variables.

Variable Name Default Value Description
LemonTree__MmsOpenMbee__MmsVersion 3 The MMS version, 3 or 4
LemonTree__MmsOpenMbee__ServiceUrl The service URL of the MMS service
LemonTree__MmsOpenMbee__ServiceAlias Public OpenMBEE MMS The alias of the service, shown in the UI