PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager (ILM) Integration (Version 2.6.1 or newer)

Applies To

  • Integrity Lifecycle Manager 10.3 to 11.2 and LemonTree 2.6 and above

Support article by PTC

  • How to configure Third Party Difference and Merge Tools in Integrity Lifecycle Manager
  • How to configure a custom Merge Tool in Integrity Lifecycle Manager
  • How to configure a custom Difference Tool in Integrity Lifecycle Manager

This article describes how to configure external differences and merge tools such as LemonTree in configuration management of Integrity Lifecycle Manager:

PTC Support Article (Login required)

Important to know:

  • Diff functionality: Here you can specify the extension (eap/eapx) and Integrity takes Lemontree for changes
  • Merge functionaility: Here you cannot specify the file extension or Integrity ignores this setting. That means, it is only possible to configure one merge tool. You have two possibilities:
    1. So you have to switch if checking in different file types.
    2. Include a batch scripts, which handles this: (Note: WinMerge is used as Merge Tool. Using the built-in Merge Tool from Integrity is not possible)

      1. Click to Download the Batch-File

      2. Configure Merge Tools in Preferences of Integrity Lifecycle Manager like so: C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /c %FILE-LOCATION%\FileExt.bat "{1}" "{2}" "{3}" "{4}" "{5}" "{6}" "{7}" "{8}"

The following options configure the Integrity Client:

Download config file: IntegrityClientSite.rc

Alternatively, use can also use the following commands directly:

  • Diff: "C:\\Program Files\\LieberLieber\\LemonTree\\LemonTree.Starter.exe" diff -t "{3}" -m "{4}" -b "{3}"
  • Merge: "C:\\Program Files\\LieberLieber\\LemonTree\\LemonTree.Starter.exe" merge -t "{5}" -m "{7}" -b "{4}" -o "{8}"

Basic configuration in GUI:

It is important to set the "Diff Tool Options" to "Integrity Visual Difference Tool".

Integrity then takes LemonTree for eap/eapx. If you set LemonTree as a third party difference tool, then LemonTree will always be used, which makes no sense for text files or source code files.

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